Hello Cardiff!

What is WordPress?

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I had an interesting email from Mark at Sequence yesterday about starting a WordPress user group for Cardiff. Essentially, I would get the group up and running, and Sequence would play host by offering a space and providing essential beer and pizza sponsorship.

I have no doubt that setting up a group like this will be a big commitment, but I’m willing to dedicate the time and effort, if enough people show interest.

Here’s what a user group event would probably consist of:

  • Presentations: Volunteers and/or invited guests give a short talk about some WordPress related topic they have experience with. WordPress developers, prominent bloggers, designers etc.
  • Case studies: Anyone can volunteer to talk about a WP website they have created, and share any lessons they learned.
  • Q&A sessions: With all the above.
  • Roundtable / Group chat: A friendly exchange of knowledge (or heated debate) on any useful WordPress topic. SEO tips, cool new plugins, general blogging tips, etc.
  • Meet, greet and eat: A chance to introduce yourself to other local WordPress users, get or give help and advice and generally network over the very best type of food and drink: Free food and drink.

Meetings would likely be bi-monthly.

There’s a handy poll embedded below, so please spare a second to specify what your interest in a CWUG would be. Please also leave a comment with any suggestions, offers of help or just to give a more emphatic thumbs up!

Geoff (aka Foomandoonian)


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