Cardiff WordPress User Group Meet-up 1.0Firstly, thanks to everyone who responded to the first post by leaving a comment, taking the poll and following CWUG on Twitter.

Special thanks to Hannah Waldram, who kindly featured the group on Guardian Cardiff.

I think it’s pretty clear that there is enough interest to warrant a Cardiff WordPress user group, so I’m going to start work on making that happen.

The single best thing you can do if you want to keep up to date is to subscribe to the blog by email. I only intend to post here when there is something to say about upcoming meet-ups (followed by retrospective posts with notes from recent meet-ups), so don’t worry about getting your inbox clogged with CWUG.

You can subscribe by email (and RSS) in the sidebar. The CWUG Twitter feed is there too, which I will also use to promote other events that might be of interest, like the Cardiff Bloggers Meet-ups.

The exact shape of the first gathering is still an open question. I have some ideas of my own, but with input from everyone at this early stage we can make the group very useful to all.

This is how you can get involved:

WordPress beginners: What do you want to know?

  • Tell me what would be valuable to you: We can cover subjects like installing a self-hosted WP blog, suggesting some essential plug-ins, tweaking things for good organic SEO, choosing a good theme and customising it, how to use social media to boost engagement, good ways to use images and video and lots more. We can discuss anything, but if there’s a particular area people seem interested in, maybe I can arrange something extra useful, like a demonstration.

Ask any questions you have as a comment on this post and we can kick off the discussion.

WordPress users: Help and be helped.

If you want to advance your skills:

  • Submit your blog for critique: If you feel you can take some well-intentioned constructive criticisms, post a link in the comments here (or send it privately via email). Hopefully, this will result in some positive practical actions you can take to improve your blog!

If you are happy to stand up and speak, give some thought to what you might like to talk about. Here are some ideas:

  • Case studies: Talk for 5-10 minutes about a WP blog you created, and lessons you learned.
  • Specialist subject: Talk for 10-30 minutes about some area you have experience in.
  • Demonstration: A 10 minute tutorial showing how to do something useful with WordPress, eg: configure a handy plug-in, submit an XML sitemap or even install WP on a server.

And of course, there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions, meet people and maybe even get 1-to-1 practical WordPress advice from willing veteran WP hackers.

If you want to contact me for any reason, send an email to cardiffwug (at) gmail (dot) com.

Some time next week I hope to have some specifics to announce. In the meantime, Press on!


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