First Meet-Up

Geoff has kindly handed the reins over to Chris @whatsthepont and Philippa @mrsmoti. So hi from us both.

We are aiming to have a first meet-up on Monday, 28th November at the Atrium in Central Cardiff. From 6.30pm – 8.30pm.

We are keen to run this as a useful information exchange between developers, designers and content creators. We hope to  run 3 slots with contributors from each of these areas. We would love to hear from you if would like to contribute.

Our early ideas for subjects include:

  • why move from to
  • a guide to vital plug-ins
  • prettifying your blog: essential design elements
  • themes to grab your audience
  • video, audio, surveys and polls, radical opinions…what really engages your audience

And any other angles from you most welcome.

As this is a first meeting, we will be especially keen to get input from yourselves about what you would like the group to do. Look forward to hearing from you!


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