Hi All

Just to firm up arrangements now for the first WordPress User Wales meet-up on Monday 28th November : 6.30pm – 8.30pm.

Dr Gill Allard and the Atrium have very kindly agreed to host our event in the Zen Room. They are also providing tea, coffee and water.

We are administrating the event through Eventbrite so we can give the Atrium an idea of numbers beforehand.

They would like to know by the 24th who is coming – so if you could book in before then, that would be much appreciated.

As for the event itself, James Cryer is going to chat about ‘Plug-ins and why we love them’ and we also hope to have a chat around ‘ WordPress huge and tiny’. Any one else wishing to contribute, then please just let us know.

Chris Bolton has volunteered his blog ‘Whatsthepont’ up for review and constructive criticism.

The rest of the time we will spend sorting out what people would like from the group.

We are very keen to making it a hands-on learning group where developers, designers and content-makers exchange ideas and information.

We know there are lots of you out there who have much of value to contribute – but don’t like presenting. So we will do as little of that as possible, maybe replacing it with interviews instead.

You will notice the name change: this is because we thought Cardiff to be well-served with meet-ups and we would like this group to have broader reach.

Very much looking forward to meeting those of you coming

Chris & Philippa


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