Thanks very much to the 30 or so of you who turned up WordPress Users Wales meet-up a week ago.

And much appreciation to @gillallard and @creatrium for hosting, and @foomandoonian for starting the group. Special thanks to @jrcryer and @martinkelly for great talks.

Here’s what you said you want from the group:

Above all – have some fun & make it useful (not like work, have beer!)

Making Connections

Ability to connect with people with the same level of experience and skills, and those different.
· A list of the people who attended tonight.
· Make an open list on Eventbrite and add to the WUW site.
· Develop a skills base directory.

Sharing Experience

Share knowledge, experiences, ideas and good practice.
· A beginner’s guide to WordPress on WUW – the basic nuts and bolts.
· Trusted toolkit
· Case studies of success (and failures)
· Collaborative problem solving- open up ideas on WUW (or F2F) to tackle a particular issue eg SPAM
· Tutorials on specific topics eg Plug-Ins of the week or developing apps.


· Plug-ins – what’s good and what % are useful?
· Unpicking SEO
· Dummies Guide to Functionality
· How to generate revenue £££££
· What will make the process easier?
· Linking to other social media
· Security- why do I want / need it?
· Better use of stats and analytics


How to make a WP site look good – quickly and easily.
· Time & Cost
· UX
· Branding & Marketing
· Increasing engagement


· How to generate interest?
· Guest bloggers?
· Content Strategy
· What makes effective content?
· Frequency of publishing content /info
· What’s the personality of my blog?
· Increasing confidence in blogging – learning basic and advanced tips from other people.
· Make it useful & fun (not work!)

Any suggestions from anyone who couldn’t be there most welcome and we’ll be back in touch in the New Year. Volunteers to speak and demo, and ideas re venues and possible sponsorship also much appreciated.

Have a good one!


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