Hello all

We’re holding our next meeting on Weds the 29th February at  The Promised Land in Cardiff, 6.30 – 8.30pm. Please sign up here

We know traditionally this is a date when women make marriage proposals – so if you’re intending to do this or hoping it will happen, and can’t make it – we are sorry.

If not – well, who knows what could happen with us, eh?

Coming along to speak are:

Joel Hughes experienced developer with his own business, Jojet .  But he’s also a content creator and his theme will be ‘Developer as Blogger’. Designers amongst you may want to check out his recent app:‘How Much Does A Website Cost?’ at itunes.

And also:

Nicky Getgood, hyper-local supremo at getgoodguide.com. Recently moved back to Wales, Nicky’s going to talk about ‘WordPress for Hyper-Local’ and her experiences in talkaboutlocal using  Wordpress to help citizen journalists set up sites.

We also thought we might discuss responsive design for mobile using WordPress and moving from WordPress. com to org , both via q & a. We’ll be running an ‘open laptop’ session here – so anyone can leap up and show appropriate links.

Any other burning issues – suggestions most welcome – and if anyone’s built or seen anything amazing in WordPress recently, please bring along.

Finally, for the last half hour from 8.30pm – 9.oopm we thought we’d help anyone who wants to set up a basic WordPress.com blog do so. Although based on Canton’s social media surgery run by Juliette, we won’t be playing doctors and nurses exactly, more spreading the WordPress love…

Volunteer teachers all most welcome and please let any wannabe WordPress bloggers know.

See you in a few weeks and looking forward to it.


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