In case you need to plan who you make contact with tonight, here is the list of people who ordered tickets.

Looking forward to seeing you later.

Paul Pigott
Steve Dimmick
Paul Harris
Derec Jones
Ty Golding
Esther Nagle
Steve Coleman
Gwilym Owen
Rai Shahid
Linda Evans
David Bartlett
Greg Bednarski
Carrie Fisher
Jaque Thay
Tanya Brooks-dowsett
Geoff R
Lynda Nash
Janet Hayward
Ceri Williams
Tina Utting
Russell Wareham
Dave Stacey
Carys Meredith
Chas Shaw
Karen Newby Jones
Chris Laing
Emma Jones
Marc Heatley
Jeff Francis
Mansel Kersey
lee smith
Stella Elphick
Leia Fee
Dom Stocqueler
Andrew Frayling
Philippa Davies
Simon Wood
Mark Adams
Elio Assuncao
Nick Fluck
Chris Bolton

The things I’m currently interested in are: 1.How people learn and share knowledge; 2.Social Media, Web2.0 whatever you want to call the world of the internet; 3.Better public services.

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