We had a great evening last Wednesday at our meet-up, thanks to Chapter’s generous hospitality and our cracking speakers.

Round about 35 people turned up and Cathy Presland kicked off (just as well, as our other speaker had an incident involving these clues: keys in ignition, engine running, locked car…).

Cathy gave us an amazingly comprehensive overview of different business models we could use on WordPress, and really up-to-date info on useful plug-ins like commentluv and Opt-in Skin – both developed in the UK.

There was hyperactive noting of her many recommendations all round – and for anyone in business, or just wanting to be more business-like using WordPress, her content was tremendous.

Incident over, Alessio Bernadelli took us then on a tour of his blog, where he is doing and encouraging amazing online engagement with children, teenagers and teachers.

He showed us some fabulous blog posts, powerpoints and videos, including one with a teenager giving very helpful feedback to a younger child on their presentation. Barely a dry eye in the house at this point…

For anyone in education or who has an interest in what kids can do online in a most positive way, this was so very inspiring.

Thanks to everyone who turned up and contributed to discussion. Special appreciation to Ceri for taking the SAS role during the incident and most of all, thanks to Cathy and Alessio.

We were very lucky to have you – and please keep us posted with what you are up to.


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