We ran our Building Online Engagement With WordPress last night at the Village Hotel, Swansea, with big thanks to Software Alliance Wales, who collaborated and co-hosted, very kindly providing the venue and hospitality.(including chocolate mousse, woohoo).

B.t.w. they offer amazing workshops and support – quite the envy of those of us at seminar who live further east.

Based on wide experience of running blogging workshops, Joel talked about ‘the man in the pub’ approach and a need to avoid the ‘To Whom It May Concern’ voice, that tempts bloggers who haven’t yet found their voice. On his blog, he’s published a most helpful follow-up post curation for smes or anyone who wants to beef up their blogging.

Helen talked about what successful bloggers do, about the power of talking as a friend, and about kindness and generosity amongst bloggers. Those of you who are thinking ‘too touchy-feely by half’ here should note that one of Helen’s posts here has over 25,000 hits.

That pesky Mrs Motivator insisted on talking as well, mentioning eye tracking patterns, personas and action online. Her notes and slides are here.

Finally, just like to make special mention of Ena, Dot and Alessio and anyone else who travelled some distance to the workshop. We very much appreciate your support and effort. Those of you who heard Alessio talking at Chapter, showing the amazing interactions kids were having in science blogs, may like to know he is now working at the Times Educational Supplement. And James Cryer, who spoke at our first event now has a posh job at the BBC… Impressive, eh?

We are currently planning our next event and hope to run something longer, over a day perhaps, on e-publishing using WordPress.

Be really helpful if you could tell us whether a Saturday, Sunday or weekday would work best for you on this (we suspect the first two )… Just tweet or comment us, please.



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