photo by Helen Reynolds

photo by Helen Reynolds

We hope those of you who’ve attended our events this year have enjoyed them – and if you’ve been tempted but not, that you come along in 2013.

Big thanks to generous hosts this year The Promised Land, Chapter Arts Centre, Indycube, and Software Alliance Wales. May good karma be returned to you soon.

And also thanks to our speakers who gave their time and expertise for free: Joel Hughes ( who spoke twice, the guy’s a saint), Nicky Getgood (mum now to baby Rowan and we wish you snuggles), Alessio Bernadelli (now at Times Educational Supplement ), Cathy Presland, internet marketer, and Helen Reynolds, social media manager for Monmouth Council – and some, too.

All of you who turned up, talked and joined in our collective enthusiasm and learning for WordPress are much appreciated.

Next year we hope to start off with events on responsive design, book production using WordPress, and Chris – newly in touch with his feminist side – intends to provide brown bag lunches for a do featuring just women speakers. But blokes are welcome too.

May all your themes and plug-ins be a go-go over yuletide.

We’d love to see you soon and have a good one.


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