wordpress responsiveHello there and we’ve just planned our first meet-up for 2013.

WordPress.com itself has had a responsive overhaul, as you are possibly aware.

And if a wordpress developer, designer or content-maker, whether we need to use responsive design – and how we use it – may be vexing…

We’re lucky to have James Cryer steering this session, who some of you may remember from our very first meeting.

It will be held at Indycube Castle Arcade, Cardiff on Tuesday, February 19th, from 5.30 -7.30.

Everyone is welcome and please register here .

The event is free but we will be crowdsourcing with a bucket some financial appreciation to Indycube, who have been once more kind enough to host us.

So if can hoist your wallets along with your lovely selves, that would be brilliant…. thanks!


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