Mojo At MoWo

We had our Mostly Women Doing Digital do yesterday – greetings to all contributors, planned beforehand and otherwise.

It may have had a distinctively female skew in that these tweets needed RT ing several times:

‘We are at 220 High Street. Opposite Labour Party Office. Green tiled building. Mosaic Restaurant on ground floor. #mwwd13’

‘If you are looking for us Pippa @MrsMoti is walking up and down outside. #mwwd’

And these:
featured significantly.

As promised, here’s summary of some of the content and creators. Apologies to speakers if I’ve missed some of your pearls – may have been too transfixed to write them down…

Drill Down

Juliet Fay knows heaps about how to write and send e-mails online, especially through Mail Chimp.

She spoke about:

  • Articles involve connections, ideas and systems
  • How capacity to teach customers online results in better quality customers
  • A process of drilling down, which results in extremely well-targetted content to meet customers concerns and SEO advantage
  • You had to be with us to see the full impact of Juliet using an actual drill, as she presented.

    (Did this represent a missing part in the room? Freudians amongst you may ponder)

    Here’s her own audio account of the day.

    Massive Nos, I Phone Movies and Useful Software

    With Jess Hughes we had a fascinating tour around the potential of video online :

  • Next year, 50% of all online traffic will be for video – in 2015, 90% is predicted…
  • Jess helped us analyse this British Airways video and what we could use from it
  • Software tips, including Adobe Creative Cloud a pay-as-you-go service for wannabe film-makers.

    As Jess’s pro BBC experience might suggest, this was finely edited content to give us relevant and useful tips to make online video. She had us twitching with anticipation…

    Friendship, Causes and Learning

    Esther Nagle took us on a tour of her personal trip over the web, starting with:

  • Friendship and relationships: social media helped her reunite with her son, and also she got to meet her favourite band ‘Queens Of The Stone Age’ (quite a few of us like them now, after seeing their photo)
  • After her brother died, Esther took to money raising online, getting £4000 at her first attempt
  • Entirely self-taught, she got herself a job with the Big Click and now the Wave project.
    For fellow enthusiasts, she recommends the Canvas Network, Mooc List and the Levo League
  • Esther’s story is a fab tale of the personal and emotional turning into value on the job market. She’s just build her first large site and community forum for work.

    The Speakers Have A ‘Who Can Stand In the Thinnest Way Competition’

    Photo cropped by ed, as she did not win

    Photo cropped by ed, as she did not win

    Political Style: From Cardiff Bay to U.S.A.

    Just 24, Laura Dunn has created a quirky, wonderful blog combining her main interests of politics and fashion. She’s written for the Huffington Post, Vanity Fair, Mrs O and Daily Beast as a result.
    Here was her advice:

  • Target prominent blogs to connect with, who may be interested in your content
  • Blog a lot – especially when there is something newsworthy connected to your content – and move that content
  • Join your subject’s blog community to build following and reputation
  • Laura’s self-possession and professionalism is amazing. Right at the start of her blogging, she created a media kit. Were we running the Labour Party’s Comms Dept, we’d snap her up now.

    Michelle Davis did a lovely interview at the event with Laura.

    Digital Literacy, Crap Detection and Endangered Octopus

    A participative session with Sangeet Bhullar, who got us to voice our concerns about kids and the future, and then suggest solutions. Her work involves asking kids and adults ‘What does identity look like online?’ and ‘What does safely look like online?’.

    She offered us:

  • Findings from ‘Munch, Poke, Ping’, a report into how kids use of social media affects relationships
  • Xilent Flex, ingenious mash-up from a teenager of game footage with teenage counselling
  • And then, she got us searching for the endangered Pacific Tree Octopus
  • Sangeet’s clients include the police. She reminded us that UK law applies off and online, and that sexting can result in listing on the sex offenders register.

    (No readers here need take heed of this, thank goodness!)

    You’re Nobody Until You’ve Posted From The Wrong Account

    Helen Reynolds has won lots of social media awards, with her employers Monmouth County Council. She gave us grand examples of corporate indirectness, like ‘disimprove’ being used for ‘get worse’.

    And her case study of Yammer being used effectively by foster carers, to champion their cause, was most inspiring.

    Helen describes her mistakes – like posting a photo of a Michael Jackson lookalike instead of a royal. But the 25,000 hits she can get on a post speak for themselves.

    Her key messages were:

  • Use social media to meet people in real life. It’s transforming.
  • Move content. Follow the Facebook mantra of ‘Done is better than perfect’.
  • Mistakes… don’t worry about them
  • You are nobody until you’ve posted from the wrong account…

    And on that note, I’m almost done here.

    A quick gripe before the thanks.

    We had about 40 people booked on this event but probably half that turned up. We turned some people away. We may have to charge next time…

    Thanks To:

  • Indycube Swansea … Mark, Gary and Daniel
  • Welsh Government… Natasha Hale, Rachael Whitfield Pierce, Jayne Meredith, Paul Osbaldesten
  • Chris Bolton’s family… especially the bakers amongst them
  • Amazing, dense-with-content speakers
  • All you lovely attendees
  • Retweeters and supporters of all descriptions
  • Here’s to the next one.


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