adriandeenFollowing last year’s happy event with Software Alliance Wales, we’re doing another one – and this time it’s all about putting personality into content.

We’re running this event to meet the needs of people who now understand how to use WordPress – but maybe aren’t so sure about how to really work their content.

In this highly participative session, SMEs who are doing this through a variety of means will describe their approaches.

This evening event will be at the Village Hotel, Swansea on June 20th at 5.30pm , and you can book here.

And everyone attending will get to make some content which captures and conveys what makes them tick – uniquely.

Speakers include:

Adrian Bamford

Adrian Bamford is the director of a musical instrument retail business, Neath Music, and an experienced musician. Previously a computer programmer, he has worked all over the world as a professional live sound engineer, and has 20 years of experience in configuring large-cale professional sound systems.

Like most SME owners, he has had to acquired myriad skills; from administrating VAT through networking PCs to appealing against an increase in business rates. He is a many- times published technical journalist, a qualified further education lecturer, and holds recognised teacher status at the University of Glamorgan. He is currently studying towards an MSc in Leadership and Management Practice at the University of Glamorgan.

Deenna Barton

Deenna Barton runs Deenna’s Boutique in Neath, with her mum, Janice, selling high quality ladies fashion. But she offers her customers much more than a retail exchange, using her shop as a base for colour and style workshops and advice, and using video, online competitions and newsletters to build connection.

In March 2012, Deenna opened an online store pledging ‘We will work our socks off to make sure that you receive the same level of service as you would if you had visited us in- store’, and her customers now come from all over the UK.

A founder of Neath Business Consortium to help with town regeneration, Deenna is married to Simon, and mum to young Rhys. Like many of her customers, she is a busy working mum, active in her community, and this is what she reflects in her pioneering use of social media.

Juliet Fay

Farm based writer and teacher, Juliet helps rural businesses with digital content. She uses her WordPress site http://www.onlinesalesmessages to host a library of articles on topics like email marketing, to compliment her offline teaching. Married on a mountain in Papua New Guinea 20 years ago, now mother of 3, living on a small farm in North Carmarthenshire, Juliet has always been a bit unorthodox. She’ll share how she uses life on the farm, past mistakes and her fledgling drawing skills to add personality to her content. Her new blog has led to interesting challenges, managing multiple personalities online!

ps Some of you may be fretting that we’re down in Swansea for this one – we’re planning another meet-up with Joel Hugues further east, very soon.


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