We heard three hugely contrasting but equally interesting approaches to creating content in WordPress last night, at our co-hosted meeting with Software Alliance Wales in Swansea.

Google Front Page

Deenna Boutique
Amazingly dynamic Deenna of Deenna’s Boutique took us through her thorough and joined up approach to creating content. As well as an online shop she has a blog, You Tube channel and uses Pinterest and Faceboook. And her content combines her love of the quality clothing she sells with her life as working mum and care for the place in which she lives.

She showed us Google front pages for some of the brands she sells – and her blog posts were on all of them. She made us laugh when she described her ‘Downton Abbey moment’ – when she’d sat down to watch the show with a glass of wine after just starting blogging, and an order came through on her laptop for £300.

Deenna’s enthusiasm for her business means that making online content is joyous for her – and her customers – and integrated, exciting and measured to an inspiring extent.

Local Stars Play Reasonably Priced Guitars


Adrian of Neath Music uses invention and humour to attract 25,000 visitors a year to his blog, coming up with ideas that are better than Top Gear’s…

Previously a computer programmer, and – as we might expect – Adrian has experimented with loads of different software platforms, but having discovered WordPress, he loves it.

His ‘Local Stars Play Resonably Priced Guitars’ series has gone down a storm and is morphing into a ‘Jeff Plays’ series which you can sample here

While Adrian prefers the creative potential of blogging, he also uses E-bay for selling and Facebook when appropriate – like last year when a guitar thief in the shop was apprehended after over 4000 Facebook shares…

With a newly built teaching studio, Neath Music is an absolute hub for musicians in the area, both on and offline, and maximises use of humour, warmth and creativity.


Hats off to the two businesses above for really going for it making content in WordPress – and then hats on for Juliet Fay, who used them to depict the different roles we play online.

She showed us how to analyze contrasting voices we may be required to use – and how to integrate qualities common to both. Invaluable for those of us who suffer from ‘Can I be myself doing online content for work?’ dilemmas…

Another vibrant creative, Juliet has been an organic farmer and foodseller and is now a copywriter. But she’s also developed cartooning talents and showed us a fab character based on herself, who got named ‘Tina Turnip’ by a member of the audience.. As Juliet is branching into video production too, our fingers are crossed the rural businesses of Wales may be soon in for an animated treat…

Juliet also showed us her family business’s latest project ‘The Small Farm Future’ centre, which a business expert present suggested had tremendous potential.

And if we didn’t feel inspired after all this, well…

Thanks to everyone who came for joining in so much ( and especially Nat Reynolds for getting the projector working properly – and Alex Clapson for the turnip contribution) and of course, thanks to Software Alliance Wales for the partnering and wonderful hospitality. And much appreciation to our speakers.

Next one from us Cardiff/Newport way: September, Joel Hughes leading on ‘Why WordPress.com May Be All You Need’. Date to be confirmed soon.


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