Hello – and apologies for long-time no-hear from us – but we wanted to get something really good together for our next event.

Thanks to Software Alliance Wales who are sponsoring the event, we are running a FREE day of WordPress workshops, at the Village Hotel, J32 M4 Cardiff on November 9th. Every session will involve DOING something, rather than just listening, with lots of practical advice. And there’ll be takeaways a go-go.

YOU CAN BOOK HERE: Just WordPress Workshops

We’ll be finishing at 3pm in time for rugby, matter of concern to some of our contributors. And like Pokemon, this programme is evolving, so there will be additions.

Here’s how it will go:

9-9.30am: Optional early start session on basic WordPress.com set-up for newbies. Bring your laptop/tablet to get cracking and set up your blog.

9.30am: How your WordPress blog can get big – fast (Andrea Morgan, @rightmoveaddict)

10.00am: Should you format your blog writing? (Helen Reynolds, @helreynolds and Chris Bolton @whatsthepont)

10.30 am: E books and E commerce with WordPress (Philippa Davies @mindhiver)

11.00am: Coffee

11.30am: Branding and Art Directing Your WordPress site (RussellBritton @brandnatter)

12.00pm: Maximising Your Seo on WordPress( Alessio Bernadelli @asober)

12.30-1.30pm: Lunch

1.30-2.00pm: Fear, Loathing and WordPress: Blogging in the 3rd and public sector (Tanwen @Tanwen_Haf and Dyfrig @DyfrigWilliams )

2.00-2.30pm: Why WordPress.com May Be All You Need (Joel Hughes@jojet)

2.30pm: Mop-up and questions (@wordpresswales)

So hope to see you here – and that booking link again is: Just WordPress Workshops


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