What do you buy as Christmas present for the WordPress lover of Wales?

Well if they’re a developer or advanced user or are interested in the how WordPress works as a company, you can’t beat Scott Berkun’s excitingly titled ‘The Year Without Pants’.

One of us here forces this book on anyone who looks vaguely suggestible – and even the venerable sage developer she works with concedes ‘this is turning out to be really interesting’.

Scott Berkun worked at Microsoft as project manager, went on to become an author and speaker, and then worked at WordPress for a year, on condition he could write this book. If you’re interested in the future of work, distributed team working and of course WordPress – you’ll love it. No affiliateship here, just fandom.

If you’re buying for someone who is dipping their mits into WordPress and wondering whether to go from to self-hosting then a Pootlepress Academy subscription (£49.95) could be just the thing. Run by the ever-helpful Jamie Marsland, this gives you access to videos and 1-2-1 forum support – it’s especially helpful if you like Woo Themes and their Canvas framework. Definitely worth a whirl if you’re thinking of setting up e-commerce in a small way on WordPress, too. It’s saved bacon here, this year.

But you can’t beat live tuition to get clear about a site build, can you? There are some cracking WordPress teachers in Wales now and here are some of them…

Many of you will know Joel Hughes and his small group (maximum of 4, £49) workshops. Here’s next year’s dates and we see there’s a WordPress one in February if blogging is a New Year Resolution…

Further West in Llanelli, Paul Gadd runs Tawe Media and is a very experienced WordPress developer. We can’t see anything scheduled there currently but here’s the contact page for his WordPress training.

Even further West again, in Lampeter University, Nathan Jorgensen is a WordPress Wunderkind and teaches 2 day WordPress Workshops for Software Alliance – again no workshops scheduled but here is their events page

We’d like to thank Paul Gadd for recommending Elegant Themes to us this year, we’ve had fun and agonies using them, as well as Woo Themes. If you’ve got any recommends for WordPress linked presents, we’d love to hear from you below.

Otherwise a huge thank you to all of you who have spoken for us this year and turned up at our events. And to SAW University of South Wales, Karin and Clare, for fab hosting of our most recent workshop.

Have a grand Christmas – and do remember, there’s nothing like discussing the technical aspects of your newest WordPress project to encourage others to let you bunk off the Queen’s speech…


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