Enough of you said you had a grand time at Big Girls Blog Brunch for me to believe you did – and thank you all so much for a)bothering to come and b)throwing yourselves into the event with such gusto. 36 of you came from software, insurance and renewable companies, as well as creative industries and the third sector.

Karin and Claire of University of Wales branch of Software Alliance Wales sponsored

and organized the event – they combine being efficient and effective with a most sparky sense of humour. Am most grateful and feed those ti*s.

Our teachers were Helen Reynolds, Juliet Fay, Andrea Morgan and me, with Laura Dunn, Patricia Carswell and Sangeet Bhullar describing their blogging projects.

We blogged with A.R.S.E. after Helen gave us her favourite acronym for reacting to others’ content: Acknowledge, Return, Save and Evaluate.

She also described the benefits of secret lists, and showed us a tool for twitter bios: look out for a whole new tranche of twitter ‘aholics’…

And any idea that some of us present are now contributing to a secret online list of ‘Top Total Jerks We Know’ should be believed, utterly.

We’re All Unique

Copywriter Juliet ran two sessions, one on analysis for blog content and the other playing around with different tone of voice. We created content for three quite distinctive recipients, a most useful stretch.

The irrepressible Andrea had us talking brand and tone of voice in 3 words. She asked ‘What word do almost all clients use to describe themselves?’ And ‘unique’ was her answer.

Laura, Patricia and Sangeet were all unique, refreshingly distinctive and funny. We heard about Laura’s Women In project, Patricia being an award winning Rowing Blogger – just massive – in a quite small pond… And Sangeet managed to combine description of all she does, with haiku poetry and how often she gets mistaken for a bloke.

You were truly fab, all of you, and at times in your lives where some of you are experiencing turbulence, stress and seismic change, both relationship and work-wise. You are absolute troopers and it is hugely appreciated. Thank you and best wishes with the new jobs, projects and men or women that are possibly round the corner (they could be so lucky…)

And please feel free to post links to your presentations here in comments or e mail me them if you wish to share.


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