coinsWhen KC left university with a journalism degree from Cardiff Uni, she was desperate to become a writer. She blogged a bit, got ripped off by someone unscrupulous, and then – almost conceding defeat – joined a call centre in a financial services biz.

She threw herself into the company, joining the book group and volunteering for PR stunts and volunteer work.

When the biz needed maternity cover in PR, KC got the gig.

Last month, she became Head of Investor Relations – a role in which writing is absolutely core to comms and content creation for these valuable peeps.

Getting Real About Writing

A new undergraduate on a creative writing course may be asked the following:

q.How much do you think you will earn

if you choose to become a novelist when you graduate?

They will be told £12,000 on average; though some reports suggest much lower than that.

Then they may be asked:

q. How much do you think you will earn if you write something like BBC 1’s ‘Casualty?’

And they will be told around about £40,000 an episode.

Not surprising either that screenwriting modules on these courses are wildly over-subscribed.

The Resourceful Writer

Everyone knows that is incredibly hard to get decent traditional book deals currently, and if you’ve got one and you’re reading this, then please smirk smugly for a moment.

But resourcefulness from very little, just our imaginations mostly, is what writing is about and we can apply this to our careers.

There are some incredible success stories of self-publishers reinventing themselves online and because content matters so much for business on the web, there are all sorts of new opportunities.

And of course these can be opportunities in Sydney, New York or elsewhere in the UK, as well as Wales.

And Obsession Is Good

If you write novels about horses, poetry about cakes, or non-fiction about market derivatives you can now link any fixation at all to a website, video, app or whatever other experimental means you may choose to try and to chat with similar obsessives in online communities and forums about your passion.

Or indeed if equine themed cakes are your thing, or cake-loving, horse-writing derivative-dealing characters your specialization, then you have even more scope.

The writers of the future will be driller-downers, embracers of the long-tail and cross-genre dancers par excellence.

Watch this space.


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