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Are you confused about what platforms to use for your customers, clients or audience – and what content to provide for them? Do you sense you could be using content to talk with your audience in much greater depth?

Lots of us feel like we’re clicking and copying and pasting

on the web, like demented fleas, while trying to keep up with the latest social media platforms, when instead we could be doing some cool-headed and most useful assessment.

We’re collaborating with Software Alliance Wales to run a workshop on Creative Web Content As Customer Service where you will:

– identify what content best suits your customers

– make most specific, customer-friendly use of MailChimp, Google+, Facebook and Twitter

– assess your skills and what you need to buy in

– learn where to access low cost or free software and technology

– decide whether to charge or not

– plan how to get your content to existing or new customers

We’ve run one of these before in Swansea – with excellent feedback – and there is lots of practical analysis.

For example, an attendee from a biotech company realized that her most effective content needed two forms: longform pdfs for male researchers who liked desktops and tradition, and ‘what’s the latest’ short blog posts to be consumed mostly on mobile by multi-tasking female scientists, at airports, trains and in taxis. She left the workshop focused on a new and efficient content strategy.

This workshop is on Thursday 21st May, and it’s free, at the convenient St Mary’s Hotel, Pencoed. You can book it HERE.

Oh – and here are nice things said about previous workshops. Thanks – you happy feedbackers!

Just WordPress

• It was more about understanding than skills – my understanding has increased loads

• Was an excellent event and have learned so much – will be using so much from this and have got in touch with some of the speakers for more guidance since the event.

• It was excellent from start to finish – the speakers were all differently pitched, but they were all interesting and informative, and I came out with a confidence and grasp of the topics covered that will stand me in great stead in the future.

• The topics covered were diverse and equally interesting. Loved the informal atmosphere!

• Just loveeee wordpress events, so helpful to my business in graphic design

Big Girls Blog Brunch

• I wish the day could have been longer! :)

• More of the same please!

• Absolutely outstanding. Fabulous atmosphere. St Mary’s Club staff were delightful.

Smartphone Video

• The focus on content was great and I loved that we actually had to make a video


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