‘He would have had a lot more sense if he’d drunk a bit less’

Wise words on Dylan Thomas from a member of 7T English last Tuesday, at Afon Taf school, Troedyrhiw, near Merthyr.

The kids loved the Dubstep version of Under Milk Wood featured above, and threw themselves into acting the Dai Breads, No Good Boyo and hugely relished and repeated poisoning of Mrs Pugh, by Mr Pugh.

Part of the Developing Dylan programme, workshops are funded by Literature Wales and organized by the Millenium Centre.

To begin at the beginning, one 11 year-old googled ‘WNC’ instead of WMC and required rapid search rebuttal. WNC, it turns out, is Worcestershire Naturist Club.

Charged with rewriting the inscription on the Millennium Centre, and inspired by Dylan, here are

some examples of what got created:


The third one here puzzled me.. was PRESH some sort of spelling mistake? No, of course: it is short for ‘precious’ and a team of endearment for those you’re addressing…

I reckon Dylan would have loved the way these kids used words, and the dubstep, and it was totally uplifting to see how they chucked themselves into this task with such joy.

Thank you, Afon Taf 7A and 7F, and all who teach and lead there.

ps Here’s the English classroom wall, papered with novel covers, and how inspiring is this:

afon tafwall


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