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Having seen Mametz with a bus load of fellow friends, I feel completely compelled to write and tell you all about the most amazing piece of production, for I fear ‘Theatre’ does not do it justice, I have ever witnessed.

Theatre implies sitting in rows and watching a play. Mametz is not that. From arriving in a field and seeing fleetingly a young lad run by in WW1 uniform, you are engrossed and engaged. The walk through the trenches, the casual uniformed men laying on benches writing letters home, Skyping … it was surreal ..yet real….. The onslaught of your senses followed swiftly with a bombardment of prose, play, imagery and smells…. smells of dust and well… I was, for 2 and a quarter hours transported to a trench, near Mametz Wood with a group of young men who waited to venture to certain death.

Stitched amongst it, the theories of relativity, letters to sons and lovers from women left behind… the brutality of the girl in France forced to endure the loss of her favourite place…. Without spoiling it…I encourage all of you to go to Usk and see the work of our own neighbour and very humble young man Owen Sheers. The creative brilliance and direction from the directors of the National Theatre of Wales, and the preview performance by the cast, was with out words. I cried and felt so passionately moved from within ten minutes of engagement.

It is truly a stunning piece of work. The most amazing set on a farm in Usk, which you could never recreate, means that if you haven’t bought a ticket you surely should. If you miss Mametz you will miss the only opportunity to participate in the Theatre of War.. as it was, for a group of young men from Wales who’s stood to fight a war which had no certainty only that it was merciless for all involved…

Tickets are on sale through

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