Silver Bullet Caravan

Silver Bullet Caravan

In all this fuss about Amazon and Hachette, with writers taking up different sides, some of us self-publishers are maybe just hoping to sell a few more copies of our books, our no-mates titles, abandoned in some tumbleweed cyberspace on the Amazon platform…

As a fusspot, completer-finisher and lapsed Baptist, my 3 little unloved titles were on my conscience. I’d made a couple of them when e-books first started, using sanity saving software at the time, called Calibre. But I knew there were errors galore and much scope for improvement in the formatting, so this task has been top of the summer’s to-do list. New covers, new titles and reformatting through the wondrous PressBooks still ongoing.

Anyway, I don’t check my kdp sales very often but I did yesterday and – wayhay – a definite improvement. Whether this is down to the cosmetic improvements or my repositioning in Amazon- cataloging the titles to be precise and apt, and in sections where they have some chance of visibility – is yet to know.

But what it does make me think is that we self-publishers are rather like mobile caravan owners now, where we need to tend our creations constantly and maintain upkeep, as well as moving them frequently to the best viewed locations within the site. Whereas books used to be static entities, solid symbols of achievement, now the little blighters have to fly where ever they can, reinventing themselves as videos, splintering into blog posts, prostituting themselves as competition prizes…the goal is GET SEEN! and in as many attractive places as possible…

While it’s creatively stimulating to make and think of content in this cross-platform way, it’s time and skills demanding too. So if you don’t mind, I’m leaving Amazon and Hachette to it, huge and vocal as they are, and instead directing stretched attention to small – but hopefully, cumulatively significant – marginal gains.


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