Preparing a treatment for a potential project at the moment has got me reading all sorts of advice on this matter.

Walt Disney repeatedly told his animators ‘Make it read‘ and expanded on this through:

‘Listen – please try and make all action definite and pointed and don’t be afraid to exaggerate things plenty. It never looks as strong on the screen as it appears on the drawing board. Always work to bring the GAGS out above any other action – this is very important’.

Any sort of dramatic action, whether in novel, short story, script or game needs rhythmn and pattern and in this handy book, the writers suggest compiling emotional intensity charts, for how the ebb and flow of emotion occurs through a story timeline, scoring significant changes in the action between 1 – 10. If all your scene ends are under 5, then that may explain why the outline does not seem at all compelling.

Actually at the end of a busy week it seems quite a therapeutic exercise to get perspective on real life – your highs, lows and a large glass of red…


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