Life took on an unworldy feel this week, when I went to visit the production office of the film of my book The Gritties, and saw the cast list.

I couldn’t wait to see the actors – and some of them looked better than my imaginings, more vivid and fully realized – but when I got into the privacy of my car for the drive home, I just wimped out and had a cry.

Now this is not Citizen Kane we’re talking about, it’s a ninety minute tv film in Welsh for S4C, but I am profoundly grateful and humble to all involved who are championing this story and characters, and are investing their time, money, effort and creative talent into the project.

When I get home, the 17 year-old son here picks up the cast list. He has never seen actors’ Spotlight photos before and starts to roar with laughter.

‘Is this what actors do?’ he asks.

‘Yes’ I say.

‘Hey’ he says ‘I may even just sit down and watch this’.


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