that is how

Are women especially good at getting traffic and engagement on the web, we wonder?

To celebrate International Women’s Day, on March 6th in Nantgarw, we’re hearing from women who are growing online communities and sharing insights about this. This is a last workshop for us with Software Alliance Wales, specifically Karin Rees and Claire Hooper and we’d like to thank them for all their past workshop support and wish them all the very best.

So if you’ve ever fancied starting your own online shop, creating your own tech start-up, establishing and running a co-working space or crowdfunding or publishing your own book, then this workshop’s for you. Ranging from 20 to 50 somethings, our entrepreneurial women here collectively have written and published 16 books, built shops online, set up 6 different conferences, and every one of them has had her own business, running for several years. They are all savvy users of the web to connect with their markets and communities.

They’ll be sharing their stories and their secrets.

Our speakers are:

Emma Coles: Start-up entrepreneur who runs Adlet at Tech Hub, Swansea and who is winner of the Women’s Circle Global Start Up competition, sponsored by Coca Cola, and she’s mentored by them. Ji Ji KiKi , Emma’s online shop has 21,557 Likes on its Facebook page.

Amie Lockwood : Runs co working space – Founders Hub; a publishing company – Five Simple Steps; a training company – And Training, and she successfully crowdfunded her children’s book ‘Lion Girl’ which breaks social norms. Does she ever sleep, we wonder?

Georgina Jones: founder of Sing & Inspire, now running Turn Lights On, and launching a book with that name… international speaker and workshop leader, with a showbiz background. Chairperson of the Young IOD, for Swansea and South West.

Karin Mear and Philippa Davies: web editors at FYI Network, running 6 community sites in Wales, with 1500 contributors and 88,757 visitors last year, and attached to Swansea University’s Computing Department. Karin is an artist and Philippa is a web editor and business psychologist.

We’d love to see you at what promises to be a fascinating morning. You can book here.


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