iwd We did our final event with Software Alliance Wales USW on Friday, to celebrate International Women’s Day, before the project finishes.

We heard from fab role model Amie Lockwood, who designs training courses, is co founder of Founders Hub and co owner of Five Simple Steps Publishing, and soon to be author and publisher of a stereotype busting children’s book ‘Lion Girl’.

With honesty and clarity, Amie told us how she and Craig, her husband, had turned what they loved – the web working community and its get togethers – into a business. And then how a web publishing company became a perfect bolt-on business for this community, followed by Amie’s idea which she got on honeymoon, to publish a children’s story for real kids, and which she crowdfunded on Kickstarter.

Amie’s story was a grand lesson in immersing yourself in a community, drilling deeper and deeper into what that community wants, and discovering how the community will support you on projects that may seem tangential. Looking forward to whatever she does next…

With her showbiz background, Georgina Jones, gave us a funny and inspiring account of how she makes life, career and business decisions based on ‘the feeling’. And how she and Andrea, her former business partner, got a conference of New York Businesswomen singing their hearts out in 10 minutes… Georgina’s book and workshops are described here.

Karin Mear, artist and web editor ran a fun quiz on ranking the most popular content across fyi network, and I did a quick bootcamp on how to be somewhat scientific about content creation.

Thanks very much to all who attended and to Karin and Claire from SAW USW, and thanks to everyone else in Software Alliance who’s helped this group.

And thanks to all previous speakers and attendees who’ve come to workshops – you’ve been a ball!


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