Can You Turn Your Passion Into Profit?

Love and work are what Freud said mattered most… and on Valentine’s Day, who’s to argue?

But let’s not get all schmaltzy here. Instead, a cool clear analysis of how passion makes us behave, will show how it helps profit, whether you work for yourself or someone else:

1. Passion creates an insatiable hunger to learn about your subject, so you drill deeper and deeper, gaining valuable expertise.

2. You spend time and money on your passion…sometimes to the detriment of your love life…but both may turn out to be investment.

3. When you absolutely love a subject, you’ll want to go into higher and higher resolution on it, forensically examining bits of it in close up. You can do this on behalf of lesser fans, and as trailblazer for other fanatics.

4. No matter how introvert, you’ll want to connect with other fans to share this enthusiasm; you’ll be networking without realizing it.

5. You’ll become the Billy Graham of your subject, evangelizing and inspiring others. Your energy will be contagious and maybe, even addictive for others. Hey, you could start a cult…

6. Again, even if introvert, you’ll want to air this enthusiasm and even show off about it. That’s cool because how-to, edutainment and creative approaches to information can all be profitable, when reaching the right fans.

Here are three successful passion-to-profit converts I love:

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