What The Best Coaches Do

Back in 2012, I was lucky enough to coach Olympic Head Coaches and Performance Directors for the London Olympics. It was a grand opportunity to get a intense rush of ‘coachiness’ – and there were several surprises.

I hadn’t realized the extent to which top coaches can sacrifice their personal lives and material gain for their roles, and also how very modest and self-effacing most of them are. Helping them articulate their coaching philosophies and give each other feedback, it was fascinating how these expert communicators to their teams resisted giving their peer coaches feedback. They said they’d sound ‘presumptuous’ or ‘above themselves’.

Since then I’ve researched what the best coaches do and here to celebrate the World Cup – as much a festival of coaching as it is a festival of football – is a link to get this Writing Skills For Coaches course for free, this week only. I was prompted to make it by realizing that many of my friends who are coaches hate self-promotion and need to find painless and evergreen solutions to the need to do it. Writing is that way through…

Enjoy! Writing Skills For Coaches