Appreciating You & 2200 Writing Opportunities

Welcome students, to a little video appreciating you and wishing you a great New Year.

You’ll hear this is written as poetry – a new interest here – specifically video poetry, where you combine footage and verse. Every few weeks, I go to a fab workshop where we critique each other’s work, as though the poet is not in the room. And we make notes on each other’s poems. As a complete newbie and novice, I get far more comments than everyone else and have much to learn from the accomplished others.

But it’s recharging my love of words and what you can do with them… so if you and your writing are a bit stale at the moment, then some new form of writing could be just your thing.

Writing Opportunities

More than any other subject, students ask about the viability of making a living from writing. Jon Morrow of Smartblogger has just sent out a whole raft of helpful posts, as a prelude to a new client finding course and service he is offering.

He points out that:

  • people may be looking for a ‘content writer’ or ‘content marketer’ when they mean a writer
  • what might be called universal and evergreen subjects will attract the best fees for writers. So high ticket B2B clients, finance and health sectors are likely to be lucrative. As is ghost writing, like we’ve discussed before here.

You can read more here: How To Become A Freelance Writer

On the same subject, I just completed as student this course Building Profitable Niche Websites. Sean Kaye, creator, points out that for wannabe pro copywriters, one way of starting is to have your own niche website – becoming in a way your own best customer.

Finally, a few of you have asked about earning a living specifically from fiction. This is most helpful facebook group on this very subject, absolutely packed with ideas and support: 20BooksTo50K

I couldn’t sign off here, without giving you a Christmas gift, whether you celebrate it or not. Here’s a list of 1500 blogs that take guest posts and another list of 700. Thanks to copywriter Kathryn Aragon for these.

Do hope these links are useful to you, if you’re taking stock over the holidays. Have a lovely time and if you’re busy scribbling, then may the productive elves be with you!