How To Write More In 2020

Happy New Year to you lovely writers and friends. Here’s a short video to help you be more productive in 2020, based on what others say works and what I know. Please do add any tips you have too, in the comments.

If you write books of any description, then you may want to join this Facebook group which is full of tips for ultra fast writing.

Like you possibly, I’ve got interested in podcasts in the past year and am working my way through this list:

Erica Verrillo is a remarkably helpful writer if your New Year’s Resolution is to get published and/or get more business savvy about writing. Here’s a sample

Finally, because of the ways our brains work, we writers tend to love themes. Here’s a video from a couple of years back about theme and New Year’s Resolution

This year I’ve been fired up by a writing exercise I saw on Twitter, where you ask yourself : How will my year look? sound? smell? What color will it be? What object/experience will it most ressemble?

Here, I aim for a gold year, which sounds like a pause with some interesting interruptions , which smells of pine and geranium and which ressembles a revelatory walk in deep woods…

However yours reveals itself, may 2020  bring you joy, peace and the words to express these!