Write Yourself Calm: Six Senses Writing

Hello and here’s a writing lesson all about grounding yourself through your senses, and then using the technique as a writing warm up exercise and to develop character. It’s useful for non-fiction writing too, for vividness and impact.

Did any of you go to the Jon Morrow webinar last week on finding clients last week? If so, you need read no further. But if you did not, and you are a business writer, then Jon had some sage advice for finding work in an economy that may shrink by 30% or so, depending on where you live.

He started by describing how content writing has grown and been predicted to boom in the next couple of years. Then he talked about content mills, low rates and how the most difficult client to get is your first one. There are some sectors which should thrive, post coronavirus. I’ve heard business friends say ‘From now on, every business should be a health business, or at least have a take on health’. Frugal living, self sufficiency, ecology and economy ( especially combinations of those, if you’re a smarty pants) would all have readers, I’d suggest.

This week, Jon’s offering an SEO guide for $7, which I’m just about to invest in here, as a refresher, and for a new project. ( Just a fan here, not an affiliate).

Do hope you remain well in health and spirit, and see you next week with another installment. If you’re a Udemy student, please post any responses in the Q & A or message board. Happy writing!