Writing Together During Lockdown

Hi lovely students, and do hope you and yours well.

Some of you will recall following the videos I made during lockdown, here and via Udemy student messaging. I got some most helpful responses and feedback from you, and the content was steered by your concerns. So a big thank you for this.

When I started making the course, I had some reservations that I might be acting in an overly opportunistic way. But I’m the grandaughter of an impoverished, widowed-young market trader – Nell Peg – and from the age of three she taught me all I know… Also, like a lot of you I suspect, making things like courses, posts, books, poems, calms me down. And there’s always a chance it may benefit others, too.

I’d long thought of combining my two great subject loves, writing and psychology, and this seemed like a good time to do this.

So here it is Write Yourself Calm, all up and shining on Udemy, and in the next few days or so, will investigate the coupon situation to offer you it via Udemy promotion.

In the meantime, I went to a online fiction marketing summit last week and was reminded of Derek Murphy and his intelligent approach to writing. Here’s a great blog post on best books on writing from him – and there’s lots more on his site of interest.

Do hope you’ve interesting writing projects in mind for autumn, and as ever, please let me know if there’s anything I can help with, or may be helpful to let other writing students know.

Here’s to mellow and fruitful word flow!