Good Side Jobs For Writers

Openreach, main telecomms supplier in the UK, is currently running job adverts for storytellers, which made me think this post may be bang on trend.

In this video, I’ve aimed to examine and clarity what are useful criteria for freelance writers, in taking side jobs. Many writer friends here teach as well as write, or work in communications, media and PR.

Indeed, it may be easier to sell your writing, if you do it in a role that’s not described as ‘writer’.If you’re a farmer, pharmacist or philanthropist who’s written something interesting, you will definitely stand out from the crowd, more vividly. Nowadays, the lines between professional and amateur writing are extremely blurry, like most other creative activities – and where you’ve a distinctive angle, then those publishers using tags and categories will smile.

For what it’s worth, my take is that we’re on a lifelong quest to investigate what fascinates us, and connect with others who share this fascination. If we can convey this through how we describe ourselves, so much the easier.

Openreach seek storytellers to better communicate messages to their customers, which is exciting for those of us who champion the relevance of writing skills. If you want to apply, you have five more days to apply – and good luck!

And if you’ve got an interesting side job to your writing career, then would love to hear from you…