Bumper Christmas Special

You regular readers will know, am most keen here on a ‘swiss army knife’ approach to a writing career. That is, for a writer to become highly adaptable in the media they write for, and in their tech skills to use that media. So this bumper Christmas stocking post kicks off with extracts from most recent episode of Poetry Pause podcast, which I co-create with lovely friend Emma Baines.

Emma is a historian, and we have slightly different takes and fixations on things – but creating this podcast with her has reminded me how terrific it can be to write with others, where you both learn together to kick ass better…( or to gently prod people’s bottoms would be more our level). Thanks, Emma!

Next, I’m thrilled to share with you some helpful material from one of the Complete Freelance Writing Course’s most successful students: Jakub Zielinski. As you can see from the popularity of his posts on Linked In , Jakub has become a notable content expert and for any freelance business writers, his report for Semrush Marketplace on State Of Content Ops And Outsourcing will be of great value.

It probably won’t surprise you that key descriptors ‘in-depth, high quality,’ and ‘freelance writers with solid experience and portfolio’ feature as top priorities. Congrats, Jakub, on your content writing ascendancy! Jakub now has his own, new agency: Much2Kind Marketing and I wish him great success with this.

As the final part of this Christmas stocking, I just wanted to update you on course updates for The Complete Freelance Writing Course, as some of them are very recent, like today. These videos above have all been added to the course now, but you can also find them on this site.

Your continuing interest and attention is much appreciated here, and thank you so much. I am blessed and lucky to have such great students, and your enthusiasm and talent continues to delight. Whether you celebrate it or not, have a good Christmas/ end of year break, and please keep shining your lights into the world!