Teacher, Dreamer Or Swiss Army Knife: What Type Of Writer Are You?

At the university where my son studies Creative Writing, they describe three career paths for writers: combining writing with teaching, dreaming about writing while working at something mundane and being a Swiss Army Knife type of writer, who makes themself useful – and possibly more employable – whichever way possible.

Swiss Army Knife writers tend to have good software skills and can write cross genre, and cross platform. They can usually write some code as well – at least enough to make websites easily – which guarantees a level of self-sufficiency in what they produce. Websites aside, a little coding knowledge can help you grasp how e books are made, and how search works on your book description.

If you’re in Wales and wish to become more Swiss Army Knife, here’s a Learn To Code In Wales: Why and How guide.

Well worth it, maybe.