Paid Freelance Writing Opportunities: Update

For course students at Udemy and, here’s an update on some recent new leads I’ve come across, to find freelance writing work.

First a job board, regularly updated here at Problogger. As of today, Flexjobs has 438 jobs with keyword ‘writing’ in there…

Then a site – anonymous and crowdsourced, but not too populated currently – listing publications and rates for writers:
Who Pays Writers.. Handy for setting those all important rates.

Next some grand straight-talking advice about how to earn a living from your writing at Writing . Jorden Roper, who runs this blog also has a copywriting business here – and I think her advice is excellent…Focus on your niche, and hang with marketing people, as well as fellow writers. Warning: If you’ve sensitive ears, on her personal site, Jorden is sweary.

Finally two other sites packed with tips and insights and worth regular visits, Carol Tice’s Make A Living From Writing and Beyond Your Blog.

Just like to thank you all for being students, remember you can ask me anything anytime – and happy hunting and happy writing!