Podcasting For Writers

Hi fellow writers, and this week, for some inexplicable reason, we’re choc-a-blog with activity and info.

Most excited here about an online digital summit next Weds, Aug 5, where I’m running a session on Podcasting: why, how to, and pros and cons. It’s based on fairly recent experience setting up Poetry Pause podcast, and will be ideal if you’re wondering whether to podcast or not…You can book here.

Since the fact checking last lesson, everywhere I look I find education on fact checking. Poynter offer great journalism courses and here’s a waitlist for a free one on fact checking; Google have got new training material on similar subjects here.

Finally, there’s a mini version of a UK women’s literary festival Primadonna online this weekend, again free, if you want some more education.

The session on Weds is prerecorded video with live Q &A, so if you fancy any podcast chat, please do pop by.

Otherwise, do hope you finding time to write – or if not – time to recharge that brain with inspiration.