Fact Checking For Writers

Hi lovely writers, and this post’s about fact-checking, whether you need this for non-fiction, journalism, blogging or fiction. It’s another over-the-shoulder lesson sharing what I use, and goes well with this video on how to research new subjects.

Getting into rhythm with these over-the-shoulder videos now, and they’ll appear once a fortnight if everything goes to plan…which is possibly a dangerous phrase to write, currently.

Here are a couple of interesting links for writers, recently unearthed. Julian Shapiro teaches people things, indeed I’d describe him as a superlearner, and he teaches with great style and clarity. Here’s his handbook on writing well.

Preparations in top gear here for a podcasting workshop online – details to follow – which has given me license to spend many happy hours listening to writing podcasts. I especially liked The Writing Life podcast, which is from the UK’s National Writing Centre and has lots of quirky, interesting episodes to choose from.

If you’re a podcast fan and you’ve any recommendations – would love to hear from you. Thanks and may those words flow…