How To Research A New Subject

Hi fellow writers, and here’s a new series of videos based on questions you’ve asked on Complete Freelance Writing Course.

Thanks to Denise for first question who asked:

How do you investigate subjects when you find yourself inexperienced in the topic? How do you research a news story? What kind of resources can you use?

I’ve made this an over-the-shoulder video, where you follow me researching something I know very little about, airports. But inspiration for this topic came from Natarajan, another course student, and thank you too.

You can follow me through the why, who, what, how, where and when of writing and apply this formula to almost anything – it even works to an extent for mapping out fiction projects.

Here are the google search operators shown:

philippadavies (|site:facebook com|

airports (intitle:”resources”| inurl:resources)

google scholar

If you’ve a question you think would suit this type of video response, then please just let me know.

Finally, a couple of useful links. Here are the Top Ten Publishing Industry Trends for 2020, although this was written in January, so the trends may have changed since then…

Several young writer friends report getting work from and Their advice? Specialize in a niche, be it writing e books, writing web copy, ghost writing biographies,… but if you’re a course student, you’ll know that anyway.