Mindful Social Media For Writers

Hi fellow writers, and I hope wherever you are, that health of your population gets well-managed.

This post is inspired by a couple of sources, and it sets out what you can expect as extra writing support over the next few months. Like a lot of people, I’ve been taking stock at the end of lockdown, and making a new display of the office post-it notes, which plan life here.

You’ll be getting more videos based on questions you’ve asked, and the videos will be added to The Complete Freelance Writing Course.

Please do ask more questions in the Q&A if you think your subject would make a helpful video.

Some of you know I’m editor on a community noticeboard network, FYI. This involves spending more time than I would often like on social media, and I’m always trying to find ways to make this creative and effective.

So I’m going to develop this quest in this blog – for starters, you can see above I’ve converted last week’s video lesson into a infographic for Pinterest. I used Canva for this, which many of you will be familiar with.

This quest will investigate how we can make and manage social media output so that it aligns with our creative impulse and spirit… wow, this sounds slightly more high-falutin’ than I mean. But for a lot of we writers, I think social media remains a chore we don’t feel at ease with, but we think is a necessary evil. Will aim to examine if we can get it to be a necessary joy.

Sources of inspiration for this post are this discussion between self-publishing gurus Joanna Penn and Orna Ross, on Advanced Social Media For Authors.

Again on You Tube, some students have asked for suggestions to improve your writing in English, when it is not your first language. This channel seems most useful for this: The Nature Of Writing

And finally this week, like some of you, I love poetry and are currently doing a course, with the amazing Jacqueline Suskin, who has written over 40,000 poems for people, as acts of healing.

Where your creativity’s been dulled by recent events, I do hope you feel now that you are now starting to bounce back.