Motivate Yourself Through Your Udemy Course

Do hope this blog post finds you well. Spring is in the air here in Wales, with a wonderful spirit of rebirth creeping in…

Like a lot of people and you, possibly, I’ve been rejigging things recently, and as some of you know I’m a psychologist as well as writer. Psychological services are in demand currently, so you can expect a monthly writing video here from now on – which will also be added to existing Udemy courses.

In this video I describe seven questions to consider about your Udemy course, or indeed any sort of online training. These should help you make finishing a course a creative and satsifying experience. My take on all this has been influenced by some valued books:

The Completed Course by Dr Carrie Rose, Intrinsic Motivation by Kenneth Thomas, and The Workshop Survival Guide by Rob Fitzpatrick and Devin Hunt.

Before making a new course, I’m to review all existing ones to update via these principles, which is making me feel extremely virtuous! Nothing like a bit of Spring cleaning, eh?

If learning new things makes you feel virtuous, then you may fancy honing your screenwriting skills via this marvellous app, screenplay subs, recommended by Jane Friedman in her newsletter. You can watch a netflix movie and read the script as you do… so a wonderful tool for analysis.

Wherever you are, may you be feeling settled enough to get inspired and make those words flow.