How To Curb Your Inner Critic

Hi there fellow writers, and do hope the pandemic situation is easing where you are.

This month, I take a look at how we can best use our inner critic: that nagging little voice that can cause imposter syndrome and writer’s block.

With the fallout from coronavirus, I’m working flat out as psychologist currently, leaving me less time for writing than I’d like. But what a lot of clients describe as troubling side effects of isolation, are indeed familiar sensations to many writers – so I thought I’d make best of events and offer you some psychology based videos for the next few months.

In other news for crime writers amongst you, pro writing aid has what looks like a great crime writing week coming up, starting 19th April. Now here’s a fun app, I Write Like, where you input some of your writing to get a comparison with a famous writer, based on your word choice and style.

And finally, I volunteer in a community literary festival which we’re doing entirely online this year – it includes highlights like a chat with Julie Ma, who won Richard and Judy search for a bestseller award, with her novel Happy Families ( yes, it’s me chatting with her!) .

If poetry’s your thing, we’ve National Poetry Award winner, Marvin Thompson, who you can see below ( with two other amazing poets from Wales, Evrah Rose and Natalie Holborow ). It’s on 24th and 25th April and be lovely to see you there! Tickets available here.