How To Find Publication Editors

Hello lovely students, and if summer is coming to an end where you are, do hope you’ve had a good one.

Here’s a second video today in my three part mini-series on What Editors Want. Preparing this one, it struck me how much information and potential to connect is available to we freelance writers, these days. When editors get together, the talk is often about how irrelevant and lacking in research approaches can be, so these videos should help with this. The next video will cover how to pitch to editors and I’m much looking forward to creating it.

A couple of useful links to get back into worklike mode next month. Here’s an article on best uses of linked in for freelance writers and Mark Dawson’s Self Publishing Formula has an Instagram Guide for Authors, that am planning to read here, over the weekend. We’ve been making some Instagram reels for the Poetry Pause podcast, and it’s certainly fun and refreshes those creative juices! Happy writing to you all and here’s to a productive autumn.