What Editors Want: How To Pitch

Well, hello fellow writers and first to say sorry – I discovered yesterday a video in my last post was incomplete, and it’s now been replaced: What Editors Want – How To Find Editors is now there in its full glory.

Today’s video is all about how to pitch your work, and contains essential steers for almost any type of writing. Readers who are Udemy students will be getting updated more frequently now, as post-lockdown I’m able to focus more on writing and less on psychology.

If you prefer to get updates through video, longer written posts or podcast, then I’d love to hear from you, as I’m milling over possibilities at the moment. All steers are most welcome!

It’s just past the Autumnal equinox here, a time of year I love, and one which announces ‘No need for guilt now when fine weather dawns, you can stay indoors with head full of ideas, blank page or screen and get scribbling’… Do hope you have something to look forward to, too.