Insta Reel And Tik Tok Basics For Writers

If any of you follow people like Mark Dawson, self-publishing guru, you’ll know there’s a great deal of interest currently in using Tik Tok for authors. Being rather ancient, I’m of the view now that social media can be fun to learn about, but only worth expending a lot of time and effort if you enjoy it and it makes you feel creative.

On both Instagram and Tik Tok, you can find older champions and I’ve recently enjoyed and learnt lots from Anne Gould, featured in this video having a laugh on Tik Tok.

Here are a couple of examples of writers using these platforms effectively: Beth Kempton on Instagram, and Willow Winters on Tik Tok

This video covers the absolute basics as I understand them so far, and if you’d like to add any views, tips or questions, then as ever you are most welcome.