Untold Stories, Nature Writing and Local Crime

Hello lovely writers, and we’re running quite a gamut of writing this month, as preparations go on here for a local literary festival in the village near where I live. Just to say that preparing for these events restores great joy in the social connection that writing can bring, to offset the necessary solo activity. If you’re feeling isolated as a writer, then I hope you may find some inspiration here as to activities you might organize with friends.

Am honoured to be interviewing Lucy Hannah, creator of an amazing project, Untold, which has published My Pen Is The Wing Of A Bird, short stories by Afghan women writers translated into English. What makes the stories extra special is that they were gathered just before the Taliban resumed power in Afghanistan, a year ago, and some of the writers and translators are now in exile from their homeland. These extraordinary stories are poignant, illuminating, sad and funny and am so looking forward to the session.

Emma Baines, who co hosts our Poetry Pause podcast will run Write By The River, creative writing session, where you’ll get to write short poetry and prose during a short river walk and afterwards, in a marquee. Observations may be taken, field notes may be written and wellies may be worn… Literature Wales have kindly sponsored this event.

Finally, three local crime writers, including me, will discuss the role of setting, character and plot in crime and invite our audience to give us their preferences and rank them…

All these events and more are listed here, and thanks to Michael Pugh, founder and visionary for making this happen.

A couple of other links that may be useful this month. My favourite self-publishing group on facebook has had some terrific case histories and information recently and if you’re tempted by self-publishing then I’d suggest it’s a must.

And Beth Kempton, Japanologist and best selling author has a free Summer Writing Sanctuary two week course, starting August 15th. Am a fan of hers here, and please say hi if you’re there!