Thanks and Moving Forward

Now it’s customary at this time of year for course creators like myself to plug amazing offers for Black Friday, and the video here contains a summing up of my Udemy courses.

But I’d like to check in with you now, to say thanks for being a student and especial thanks to those of you who send updates on your progress – like Habiba, Sean, Esther, Phylicia, Jacub and others. Congratulations on your achievements, and it’s so gratifying that some of you have now got your own writing businesses up and running. We spread the word power together.

You may be thinking of signing up for a course, and here’s what makes them distinctive. Combining working as a psychologist along with writing, I’ve written twelve psychology books (for big publishers) for tv, radio and apps. I’ve also self-published a novel, which got made into a tv film and I love poetry, via a podcast, community projects and getting the odd poem published. For a few years, I had a newspaper column: Mrs Motivator.

1-2-1 chat is important to me with my students, and I update the courses monthly with an informative video blog post, usually. If I don’t know much about something you ask, I’m usually able to recommend someone who does know…an advantage of being old and nosy…

What you can expect going forward are some new courses and quite a lot of exploration of self-publishing next year, with practical investigations and suggestions. Am increasingly convinced that writers of any description- unless they are amazingly lucky – need inspiration about how to reach audiences directly themselves. And this includes writers who have agents and publishing deals, in this unpredictable environment we all try and create in.

Any comments or questions from you are as ever, most welcome!