Some Writing Magic for Halloween

Hello lovely writers and weavers of words…and I’ve a bumper Halloween edition for you here today.

Last week, my podcasting partner Emma and myself ran an event at the museum, where she’s a historian. Emma gave a fascinating talk about the history of local witchcraft, and I ran a short workshop, where we investigated what might be called psychological aspects of witchcraft: power, ritual and visualization.

These three elements matter a great deal to anyone involved in creative activity … what is your power and how can you use it? can ritual focus your mind? ( yes, it can!) and how can we effectively use visualization in our writing lives.

So if you’re a student of the Complete Freelance Writing Course, then the full video of the workshop is now added in Section 13, lesson 68. Don’t too forget the previous lesson, 67, is a short trip around what makes your writing spellbinding…

And if you’re enrolled in Community Building Basics, again on Udemy, then you have a customized version of this workshop in a new video in Section 12, lesson 22.

We had most uplifting feedback from the 30 or so lovely folk who attended this event in person, and I do hope you enjoy the content, too.

Would love to hear from you, as ever, if you have any special writing rituals that work for you…or any spells which have been transformational! Have fun.