What You Write And Why

Hello lovely students and it’s a writing reset video for you this month, focussing on what you write and why. It feels very back-to-school here, and I always think this is a great time to have a quick refocus, whether the academic year is relevant to you or not.

The entire video containing the three activities is in the Complete Freelance Writing Course, Section 11, Lesson 60. It’s called Helpful Practice Activity – what you write and why. The sources referred to are Jane Friedman and Dan Blank at wegrowmedia.com. Dan’s book I mention is Be The Gateway.

Do hope you’ve all summered well, if it’s been summer where you are, and that you’re finding a change of season invigorating and inspiring. A couple of new writing projects here and a new podcast are going to keep me out of trouble – and a new course too, which you’ll hear about soon.

As ever, if you are up to anything interesting, please let me and other students know!