On Being A Local And Global Writer

Hello lovely writers, and whether you’re taking part in Christmas festivities or not, here’s a short post today packed with useful tips for you, a kind of course Christmas stocking for you…

Although Twitter is in a state of chaos at the moment, I’ve noticed some interesting advice streams featuring, which don’t seem to have been so evident before. If you’re interested in content writing and copywriting for audience growth, then this stream from Rob Lennon should be helpful…but set aside 10 minutes to go through all his suggested links.

On a different note altogether, poet Jo Bell helped me get a poem published via a workshop she ran and I’m looking forward to a history and poetry course she’s running in the New Year, online. She’s been running a useful advent calendar project on facebook, where she posts a helpful writing tip from a different writer every day. These are not entirely devoted to poetry but skew in that direction.

Mark Dawson is a lawyer turned writer, who has turned himself and his self publishing education company into huge successes. Having heard him speak live, he seems hugely intelligent, incisive and tells it like it is. There’s a taste of these qualities here in this twitter stream, where he reflects on what he’s learnt in ten years of successful self publishing. You may want to take notes!

Finally, we did a dedication and review of the year podcast episode, and I thought you may like to hear an excerpt from it, which has seasonal resonance. Please enjoy your festive season and may the inspiration elves strike.